TBF Nights hosted By Bass Junkyz Next Event – July 30th

Next event July 30th is at Bartlett Lake. Registration opens at 2pm, National Anthem at 4:54, Launch at 5pm, and first flight in at 1am. $200 entry (80/20 payback), $25 Option (100% payback), and $25 Big Fish (100% payback). $250 is all in. See you July 30th.

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TBF Nights Hosted By Bass Junkyz

TBF Nights hosted by Bass Junkyz

Drinks and Registration begins at 2PM on the Day of the Tournament

Entry $200 @ 80/20 Options 100%. $250 All in

Launch order based on Entry Number


Date Lake Time Ramp Results
May 14th, 2016 Bartlett 5pm – 1am JoJoba Results
June 4th, 2016 Pleasant 5pm – 1am Hook up Results
June 18th, 2016 Bartlett 5pm – 1am JoJoba  Results
July 16th, 2016 Pleasant 5pm – 1am Hook Up  Results
July 30th, 2016 Bartlett 5pm – 1am JoJoba
August 27th, 2016 Bartlett 5pm – 1am JoJoba

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Bartlett Lake Qualifier #3 Pairings


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Qualifier 3 Bartlett Lake

Qualifier 3, Bartlett Lake on April 2 and 3rd

Listening to the membership is an important role of the Executive Board and it is taken seriously. We have fielded many questions and suggestions regarding the entry fees. Since there have been so many suggestions we moved with what we think fits best for entry, option, big fish, and team option. We also reviewed the processing fee and unfortunately it cannot be reduced further as this is the exact amount of processing.

This is the entry format for the remainder of the year for our qualifiers. I hope everyone finds this conducive with their budget as we have reduced “all in” but make it a little more manageable to select specific items versus lumped together.

60 Basic Entry
40 Option
15 Big Fish
15 Team Option

The shopping cart has been updated to process to the cart for an easy checkout.

PLEASE contact your pairing partner this week as I know a couple of boats are still down for repairs. Those of you who are not paired for the season and have been scrambling along with Steven Boyce to get you on the water please be proactive and confirm, confirm, confirm.

One last little tease of an announcement …. We have added something that is in the final works this week and I’m sure all of you will be happy about it …. No details for you yet, but there is going to be a new night option.

State Team – Clock is ticking so get your paperwork sent off to TBF National office ASAP. Don’t delay …. Do it today.

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Qualifier 2 – Lake Havasu


Up to date …

The website has been updated and links repaired. The Lake Havasu Quality Inn and Suites is the host hotel for this event and it is also the location of our pre-tournament meeting at 6:30pm, Friday March 4th. We are waiting on the response of a couple of restaurants for member discounts during this event.

Please contact Steven Boyce @ https://www.facebook.com/boycesm with your pairing partner information. This helps greatly to expedite the draw.

We will be raffling off two items at this meeting; 1) Humminbird CI HD Combo graph, 2) Rico Anglers Bag so bring some extra cash for raffle tickets.

TBF will be launching from the Lake Havasu Marina. Please go to this LINK for your parking pass.

Off Limits is 4pm Friday, March 4th

Entries can be paid online HERE
You must answer for both options to check out. The shopping cart is now accessible on the right hand side of the page to complete the transaction.

As a reminder

Dave Hagan is still in need of more than 15 boats for C.A.S.T.  Contact Dave Hagan at 480-209-8958 to sign up today just like Daniel Elias has in the past … http://castforkids.org/event/lakepleasant/

March 26th at the Lake Pleasant 10 lane ramp.

C.A.S.T. For Kids Call to Action



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AZ Qualifier #2


Host Hotel: Quality Inn & Suites Lake Havasu 271 S Lake Havasu Avenue, AZ 86403

Discount code for reservation: TBF-AZ

Meeting: Quality Inn & Suites — 6:30pm Small Banquet Room

Launch Site: Lake Havasu Marina Discount Parking Pass on Website good for 4th, 5th, and 6th www.azbassfederation.com

Please contact Steven Boyce (VP) on Facebook with pairing partner information or email to azbassfederation@gmail.com, Attn: Pairing Info

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TBF Qualifier #1 – DATE CHANGE

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the lake levels at Bartlett Lake the 1st qualifier on 1/9 and 1/10 is being moved. We will have the new date posted as soon we get confirmation from TNF.


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The Arizona TBF State team is set.


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Qualifier #6 Results – Apache Lake


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Qualifier #6 Meeting and Tournament

Our next meeting will be held at Cabela’s in the Grand Canyon room. 7pm – 9pm next Thursday November 12th. Please come prepared to run and/or vote for the following board positions:

Tournament Director

If you would like to run for a position please contact one of the board members so that we can provide that information to the membership.

We will also be drawing for our final tournament at Apache on November 14 and 15. We will be launching out of the Marina.

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